PLEASE NOTE: The workshops are included in the registration price. Each registrant will be able to choose four workshops to attend. There are four total sessions: A, B, C and D (2:00-3:30pm and 4:00-5:30pm Friday and Saturday). Participants may choose one workshop from each time slot. SDI will send you a form after you register that will allow you to rank your top 3 workshop choices for each slot.


Come to engage, participate, and learn from the SDI global learning community.

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Ancient truths, new insights.

Information that can lead to transformation.

Group settings that allow both for community learning and one-to-one interaction.


These are the goals of our workshops for Spiritual Companionship for Our Times, Santa Fe 2020.


Westina Matthews & Fr. Tommie Watkins 

A Contemplative Approach to Spirituality and Sexuality 


Shawn Zevit  & Nadya Gross

A Four Worlds Approach to Spiritual Direction


Nancy Shadlock

Examen the Play Dough


Andre Van Zijl & Debrah Friedland VanZyl

Creating Sacred Companionship and Self-Care Through the Arts


Chelsea Forbrook, Sister Alison McCary, Brian Gaeta-Symonds

Gender, Sexuality & Spirituality in Spiritual Direction 


Rebeccah Bennett & Carolyn Griffeth 

Spiritual Direction for Liberation


Andre Van Zijl & Debra Friendland-VanZyl

Creating Sacred Companionship and Self-Care Through the Arts