Welcome to our conference app: Whova

Whova is an application that helps members communicate with each other and helps SDI staff communicate quickly with the conference attendees. It’s also a quick and handy resource on your phone for the event schedule and speaker information.

What can I do with the Whova conference app?

You can...

  1. Connect with a spiritual companion to arrange a 1:1 session

  2. Offer or request a ride from the airport into town

  3. Find a roommate to share hotel costs

  4. Join a discussion thread to organize a meet up with other attendees, or connect around a shared interest. 

  5. Network with other attendees

  6. Follow along with the conference agenda

  7. Post and view photos from the conference

  8. Ask questions to the conference organizers

Great! How do I access it? 

1. Download and install the Whova app on your mobile device. You can use the link below if you're viewing this on your mobile device:

2. From your mobile device, launch the Whova app, and create a Whova account with the same email you provided in your registration (this is so we know it's you - only registered conference attendees are able to access our Whova Event). 

3. In the Whova app, search for "Spiritual Companionship For Our Times"

4. Sign in with your Whova account.


I have questions about this app. Can I call the SDI office? 

We love talking with our conference guests, but we're pretty swamped with conference prep, and may not be the best resource for Whova troubleshooting. Before you call the SDI office, please try to use the Whova How-To Guide, or download this userguide PDF below, or watch this useful tutorial video: 

Whova User Guide