We will be offering a Creative Studio, which will be available for many types of contemplative art activity. Several artists will be offering guided mini-practices throughout the conference, or you may drop in and doodle and write whenever you feel.

As well, the Santa Fe Conference Center integrates a rich collection of artworks from local and regional studio artists.

prayer mandala wall.jpg

We are happy to again host the Prayer Mandala Wall - a visual art coloring project by Sharon Seyfarth Garner. Participants will find materials and printed mandalas that they can use for contemplative, meditative coloring, which will be collected and displayed on a common wall for all to appreciate.


SDI member and visual artist Melanie Weidner will be offering an invitation to visio divina and contemplation during the conference. This invitation will incorporate her Storm Journey series of works. 


Storm Journey - medium res.jpg

SDI seeks to encourage, understand and engage with creative work informed by or embodying contemplative practice, spiritual direction and companionship. Art will be displayed for contemplation and discussion, participatory art projects will be available for all to create and enjoy, and artists will be highlighted as learners, teachers, and spiritual practitioners.