Spiritual companionship in our times is more relevant than ever. Help us educate, support and empower spiritual companions around the world so they can offer personalized spiritual companionship to people everywhere, regardless of what tradition they come from, or if they have no tradition.


We believe the best way to change the world is from the inside out. Your sponsorship of even one full scholarship to this conference ($1,100) could change the trajectory of an entire life of a spiritual directors and companions who might not otherwise attend. And that spiritual companion could go on to inspire, encourage and support many dozens more.

We are happy to recognize individuals and organizations as sponsors on the website of the conference and in other visible ways. All donations to Spiritual Directors International, a registered 501 c 3 nonprofit, are fully tax deductible under the law.

Please download and discern about our unique sponsorship and promotion opportunities. Contact us at events@sdiworld.org, 425.255.1565 for more information or to become a sponsor.