New Contemplatives Workshop


* To provide a daylong container for the New Contemplatives to go deeper together, to strengthen their community of practice

* To explore with the New Contemplatives’ their callings to the practice of soul companioning

* To support the evolution of the spiritual direction tradition as a liberating practice

This workshop will facilitate community, connection, and meaning among this year's New Contemplatives.  Our exploration will include.... 

What does it mean to be called into the fullness of oneself?  How do our intersecting identities help and hinder that calling?  How do these same identities connect or separate us from others?  What is spiritual direction for liberation?  What is liberation?  How do we, as young spiritual care leaders, be in relationship with our elders and with tradition, both within the SDI space and in our home communities?



photo nc 2019 teacher.jpg

Rebeccah Bennett 

Rebecca is Founder and Principal of Emerging Wisdom LLC – a forward thinking social enterprise that helps individuals live empowered lives; leaders build impactful organizations; and communities advance brighter futures. As part of her personal empowerment and social transformation work, Rebeccah established InPower Institute in 2010 to serve as the division of Emerging Wisdom devoted to community healing and optimal living. Through InPower, she collaborates with healers and change agents to offer programs in six core areas: spiritual growth and discovery, abundant living, harmonious relationships, holistic health and healing, cultural arts and expression, and community and justice.

Over the course of her 20+ year career, Rebeccah has served the community in many capacities – as a spiritual teacher, life coach, motivational speaker, trainer, facilitator and consultant. She has helped tens of thousands of people and hundreds of organizations effect positive change for themselves, their communities and the larger social systems of which they are part. Her areas of expertise include spiritual and physical well-being, community planning and development, transformative leadership, equity and inclusion, and women and girls’ empowerment. While Rebeccah’s interests are wide-ranging, her work is singularly focused on elevating the human condition.

Carolyn Griffeth

"Carolyn holds the hand of your Soul allowing it to go just where it needs to go."  This is how a directee recently described my work.   Struck by her words, I asked: "How do I do such?"  She responded, "By using everything you've learned holding the hand of your own soul through so much fire!"  Her words describe my work well:   It is an honor to hold space for you as you open to Soul.   Sometimes the first voice of Soul is grief.  Always Soul seeks to awaken us to the greater truth of who we are, the reason we are here.   My tools are passionate prayer, contemplative practices, cultivating consciousness, dream work, emotional release work, oppression awareness,  grief work, and earth centered ceremony.      Those who work best with me are ready for expansion or desiring to grow their spiritual wings.   All faiths, gender identities, sexual orientations and ethnicities welcome!  


Carolyn has twenty plus years of experience in the Catholic Worker movement and working for social change--an on-going passion.  In 2003, she graduated from Aquinas Institute with a MAPS degree and certificate in spiritual direction.  She also holds a degree in Shamanic Energy Medicine,  and leads women's groups, and workshops on whiteness and dismantling oppression.   Carolyn has a background in the UCC, Catholic, and Quaker tradition.  Currently, she serves as a facilitator at Spirit Rising, a womanist gathering and community space which unites spirituality with collective liberation.