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*Super Early Bird Pricing through September 15, 2019: $499 for SDI Members, $599 for non-Members 
Early Bird from September 16 
through January 15, 2020: $575 SDI Members, $675 for non-Members  Regular Price after January 15: $649 for SDI Members, $749 for non-Members.
Become a member of SDI and save up to $100 on your registration! Payment plans are available.
Contact the SDI Offices for more information - 1.425.455.1565 or office@sdiworld.org.

On Friday and Saturday mornings from 7:00 - 7:45am, we invite you to start your day with some grounding in a spiritual practice - perhaps one that is familiar to you, or perhaps something that you have never tried before. Choose from the options below:



Please note: these morning spiritual practices are optional, open to all conference attendees, and do not require signing up in advance. The practice room you show up to might have a small handful of folks present, or might be quite full. If the practice guide indicates that they have reached a comfortable capacity, we invite you to try out one of the others. 

Morning Practices