Enneagram and Spiritual Companionship Intensive

Thursday, April 22, 2021

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Many spiritual directors and companions are finding the Enneagram to be a helpful guide in deepening their work with directees. This system names the fears that bind us and identifies filters of perception that blind us to the love and compassion present each moment when we have eyes to see and ears to hear. Using the Enneagram map as a guide to the internal stories and automatic patterns of the nine types, spiritual companions can support their directees’ process of liberation from self-limiting patterns toward wholeness.


During this day Intensive, Chris and Sandra will explore:

· The limitations and gifts of the nine Enneagram types

· The three centers of intelligence (head, heart, body) and the focus and strengths of each

· The internal stories and unconscious worldviews that limit each of the nine types

· Type-specific practices to soften the automatic patterns of type


We will engage in dyad inquiry, type groups, Enneagram type panels, didactic, and demonstrations of spiritual direction to facilitate the learning process.

Chris Copeland


Christopher T. Copeland, MDiv, JD, DMin - Chris is a teacher, spiritual director, and minister who has spent his life companioning others on their spiritual journeys, inviting them to become more fully who they are created to be. To facilitate this transformative work, Chris uses various tools that help awaken people to their truest selves, in particular the Enneagram. As associate professor of spirituality at Wake Forest University School of Divinity, Chris integrates spiritual practices and the wisdom of the Enneagram to support the growth and healing of individuals, congregations, and organizations. A native of North Carolina, Chris lives in Winston-Salem with his husband, Bernie.

Sandra Smith


Sandra Smith, MDiv - Sandra is an Accredited IEA (International Enneagram Association) Professional who teaches the Enneagram System throughout North America to promote personal, professional and spiritual growth.  She has been a presenter at SDI conferences on the topic of personality and spirituality. Much of Sandra’s Enneagram work is with corporations and organizations where she offers team building and staff development using the Enneagram as a map for deepening self-awareness. She is a trained community mediator and offers conflict resolution in organizational settings. Before attending theology school, she spent 17 years in the corporate world.  Post seminary, she co-founded and directed Holy Ground, a feminist nonprofit retreat center in Asheville, NC where she resides.

Chris and Sandra are creators and authors of Heart of the Enneagram, a podcast and companion book that dives deeper into the Enneagram system by inviting readers and listeners to take a courageous and loving look at what is