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*Super Early Bird Pricing through September 15, 2019: $499 for SDI Members, $599 for non-Members 
Early Bird from September 16 
through January 15, 2020: $575 SDI Members, $675 for non-Members  Regular Price after January 15: $649 for SDI Members, $749 for non-Members.
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Leadership Development

for Local Conveners

FREE Institute

(if you have already registered for the conference) 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

9:00 - 5:00pm (lunch included)

Do you want to spend time with other spiritual directors and spiritual caregivers in your local area? Do you want to network, to learn new things and to build connections with other spiritual directors?  Are you willing to start a local gathering, but are not sure of what is needed or feel overwhelmed with where to start?  Do you wonder how you would find enough speakers or resources to put together a regular program?  Maybe you are already the convener for a local group, but are feeling tired or that things are a bit stale and you are looking for new resources or ways to build up your community?  Are you wanting to find and invite in new people who are in your area?

Come and join other conveners and aspiring conveners as we learn from each other.  We will:

  • Identify the key tasks for starting and running a regular gathering;

  • Compare what has worked in other places and what has not worked;

  • Share resources that are available, including support for SDI;

  • Begin building a network for conveners to continue providing ongoing support, and;

  • Have fun!


Bruce C. Calvin will be joined by Steven Crandell, SDI's Director of Encouragement, and other conveners of local groups who will share their wisdom and experience.

Email stevenc@sdiworld.org for more information or to sign up.


FREE with Conference Registration. 

Bruce C. Calvin

Bruce Calvin, along with Kimberly Barker-Brugman, started a new gathering for local spiritual directors and spiritual caregivers in Northern Virginia, USA in 2019.  They are experimenting with how to provide educational activities, to offer opportunities for networking and to build a supportive community for spiritual directors at the local level. 

Calvin worked for a large membership association for over twenty five years providing membership services, with experience in identifying member needs and developing new programs.  He served on the SDI Coordinating Council from 2013-2019.

​Calvin completed an Internship in the Art of Spiritual Direction at the Mercy Center, Burlingame, California, USA.  He follows the Rule for Living of Availability and Vulnerability of the Northumbria Community, Great Britain.