About SDI

Spiritual Directors International is an inclusive, global learning community that serves and supports  spiritual directors and the people they serve. As a inter-spiritual 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we share a common concern, passion, and commitment to the Public Square of Spiritual Direction, where everyone is welcome and the spiritual independence of each individual is respected.


From a small gathering of spiritual directors at Mercy Center in Burlingame, California, USA, in 1989, the community has grown to include more than 6,600 members in 42 countries who represent more than 50 spiritual traditions.

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  • Who am I? In the truest and deepest sense?

  • How can I nurture the connection I feel in nature or in peak experiences where I feel “at one” with what I’m doing?

  • What do I have to give to life?

  • What spiritual skills for living can help me cope with the inevitable pain, loss and difficulty that beset us all at some time? 


These are deep questions. Spiritual directors go to work every day - listening, asking questions, offering compassion - to help people find their own answers. Workable answers. Answers that are both personal and practical. That build inner strength and outer equanimity.


Spiritual direction is a calling that honors everyone's right to choose their own spiritual path. Spiritual direction serves all society by helping each person find balance and compassion.

The 2018 Seeking Connection conference and educational events are dedicated to encouraging every soul on the planet to find spiritual companionship and to supporting every person who offers that companionship.