April 22 - 25, 2021

Santa Fe Community Convention Center

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Stay tuned for 2021 registration information

Continuing uncertainty around covid-19, combined with the high number of conference attendees who transferred their registrations from 2020 to 2021, compels us to wait a bit longer before re-opening registrations for 2021. Please check back here in September for updates, or join SDI's mailing list to receive conference news and announcements in your inbox.

2021 Conference details coming soon

Plans are underway for flexible delivery in the event of

continued disruption due to COVID-19.

This conference is going to be a wonderful celebration. And you're all invited. But we're also inviting you to roll up your spiritual sleeves and join us in some important heart-work. You see, honoring our 30-year history is a beginning, but we're also determined to create a prophetic roadmap for the next 30 years.

Our purpose: To cast our arms wider, welcoming more and more people to the transformational gifts of spiritual companionship.

Our goal: To make this healing modality available to every person on the planet.

The world’s people urgently need the authenticity and connection that deep listening can engender.  We, as spiritual caregivers, serve our brothers and sisters at the crossroads of prejudice and welcome, fear and love, fragmentation and wholeness, hate and joy, loss and community.
So, bring your vision, your heart and your grit to Santa Fe. Help us expand the community of our calling and honor those on whose shoulders we stand. Help us set SDI’s intention and direction for the next 30 years.
It’s going to be amazing.

Spiritual Companionship For Our Times Is...


We listen deeply to connect with the infinite.

Spiritual Companions access the deepest truths and support the spiritual transformation of self, others, and the world. We cultivate tools and means of traveling along this lifelong practice we call the spiritual journey. 


We work to create freedom, dignity, and spiritual opportunity for all.

Our inward practice drives us towards compassion for a suffering world. We orient ourselves outward; facing and engaged with the work of the world. 


We build community across boundaries of faith or spiritual tradition, practice, culture, race, and class.

We do not journey alone. We are invited into right relationship to ourselves, to one another, to our communities, to our institution, and to the earth. 

Meet Our Presenters

(confirmed for 2021)

Woman Stands Shining

Woman Stands Shining
(Pat McCabe)

Lucy Abbott Tucker

Adam Bucko

Roshi Joan Halifax

Roshi Joan Halifax

Adam Bucko

Fr. Richard Rohr

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2021 pricing details coming soon
Joan Chittister has been a passionate voice for women’s rights for over 50 years.

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